Activity Kudos

A kudos is Strava’s version of a ‘Like’ or a ‘+1’. The number of kudos on an activity is returned with the activity summary.

Kudos posting can be enabled on a per application basis, email developers -at- for more information.


List activity kudoers

The number of kudos is included in the activity summary and detailed representations. This endpoint is for retrieving more detailed information on the athletes who’ve left kudos and can only be accessed by the owner of the activity. Pagination is supported.


id: integer required
page: integer optional
per_page: integer optional

Returns an array of athlete summary objects.



Example request

$ curl -G \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer 83ebeabdec09f6670863766f792ead24d61fe3f9"

Example response

    "id": 227615,
    "resource_state": 2,
    "firstname": "John",
    "lastname": "Applestrava",
    "profile_medium": "",
    "profile": "",
    "city": "San Francisco",
    "state": "California",
    "country": "United States",
    "sex": "M",
    "friend": null,
    "follower": null,
    "premium": true,
    "created_at": "2009-08-26T13:42:05Z",
    "updated_at": "2013-01-11T18:51:00Z"