Segment Efforts

A segment effort represents an athlete’s attempt at a segment. It can also be thought of as a portion of a ride that covers a segment. The object is returned in summary or detailed representations. They are currently the same.

Summary and detailed representation attributes  

id: 64-bit integer
resource_state: integer
name: string
activity: object
simple {id: NUM}
athlete: object
simple {id: NUM}
elapsed_time: integer
moving_time: integer
start_date: time string
start_date_local: time string
distance: float
meters, the length of the effort as described by the activity, this may be different than the length of the segment
start_index: integer
the activity stream index of the start of this effort
end_index: integer
the activity stream index of the end of this effort
average_cadence: float
RPM, missing if not provided
average_watts: float rides only
device_watts: boolean rides only
average_heartrate: float
BPM, missing if not provided
max_heartrate: integer
BPM, missing if not provided
segment: object
summary representation of the covered segment
kom_rank: integer
1-10 rank on segment at time of upload
pr_rank: integer
1-3 personal record on segment at time of upload
hidden: boolean
indicates a hidden/non-important effort when returned as part of an activity, value may change over time, see retrieve an activity for more details

Depending on the permissions associated with the access token, streams may be cropped by privacy zones. In those cases the indexes will be adjusted accordingly.

Example segment effort

  "id": 269990681,
  "resource_state": 3,
  "name": "Geysers Road Climb",
  "activity": {
    "id": 14296826,
    "resource_state": 1
  "athlete": {
    "id": 227615,
    "resource_state": 1
  "elapsed_time": 1137,
  "moving_time": 1137,
  "start_date": "2013-03-30T18:43:50Z",
  "start_date_local": "2013-03-30T11:43:50Z",
  "distance": 6001.7,
  "start_index": 5348,
  "end_index": 6485,
  "average_cadence": 79.1,
  "average_watts": 357.2,
  "device_watts": false,
  "average_heartrate": 177.8,
  "max_heartrate": 192.0,
  "segment": {
    "id": 1818385,
    "resource_state": 2,
    "name": "Geysers Road Climb",
    "activity_type": "Ride",
    "distance": 6001.74,
    "average_grade": 6.2,
    "maximum_grade": 23.5,
    "elevation_high": 745.6,
    "elevation_low": 371.0,
    "start_latlng": [
    "end_latlng": [
    "climb_category": 3,
    "city": "Cloverdale",
    "state": "CA",
    "country": "United States",
    "private": false
  "kom_rank": null,
  "pr_rank": 2


Retrieve a segment effort

Retrieve details about a specific segment effort. The effort must be from an activity that is owned by the authenticated athlete.


id: 64-bit integer required

Returns a detailed segment effort representation.



Example request

$ curl -G \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer 83ebeabdec09f6670863766f792ead24d61fe3f9"